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Whats In The Night The retelling of spooky ghost stories has been a favorite activity in many cultures, wether it be around a campfire of written in various articles and book. Perhaps one of the most mysterious supernatural activities can be reported on the islands of Hawaii. Known as the Night Marchers, these spirits have been known to roam the land, revisiting ancient war sites and significant historical landmarks. In the book, “Marchers of the Night” by Helen P. Hoyt, a renowned Hawaiian author, he describes his first experience with the Huaka’ipo, or the Night Marchers. “In all the hundred years of my life I have seen the Marchers of the Night, the Huaka’ipo, only twice…” (Hoyt 1969). He then continues to explain how “on the night of the sixth of August, 1918, a night sacred to Ku, ancient god of all warriors” the Night Marchers, which their torches and pounding drums came to his house in the town of Waianae. Based on the many stories about the Night Marchers and the other cultures around the world who have similar spirits, I will attempt to demonstrate that these ghosts are more fact than fiction. Hawaii has a rich background of folklores and mythology and it’s link to the past in ever present. Stories of the Night Marchers were first written about in the late 1900’s but they were orally passed down long before that. Their native name is Huaka’ipo, but was translated to english as the Night Marchers. The term derives from the two words, huaka’i which means to

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