Analysis Of The Book ' Max '

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The book Max can be viewed in the perspective of many different people, the one that is going to be focused on is through the eyes of Max and Justin. Max is a military dog that watched his partner Kyle get killed in action while they were in Afghanistan serving a tour. Max’s job is to protect his partner and to warn him of any danger that may be ahead. After losing his best friend, hero and marine Max becomes traumatized and is no longer able to work with the Marines. Along with the setting that takes place in Afghanistan, there is characterization, conflict, foreshadowing, points of views and symbols throughout the book.
If you have ever been in one of the branches of services then you know that it will not be good news when people in uniform come to your house. Two people in uniform come to Justin’s house which is where most of the setting takes place (top row, middle picture). “Soldiers at the door could only mean one thing…..Kyle.” “What had happened to him? Had he been hurt (pg.9)”?
Since Max is no longer able to be in the service he is sent home to the United States. Soldiers take Max to the funeral of Kyle; Max shoots forward stops in front of Kyle’s casket raises himself to touch his nose on the flag on top of Kyle’s coffin, he knew right then, Max drops to the floor, spins in a circle, curls into a ball and just lays there. The symbol of this book is based around the Unites States Marine Corps (Left side, Middle picture or the right side, Middle Picture).…
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