Analysis Of The Book ' Mcadams '

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In this article McAdams, the author guides the reader through the life stories of different psychologists , he provide a real recollection of life stories and narrative approaches that recent researcher and theories have apply to understand human behavior. This article integrates recent theories and researchers of life stories as illustrated the investigation of self-understanding, personal memory, personality structure and change, and the relations between the personal lives and cultural. The article provides a numerous of psychologist stories and the contributions they have made in the psychology fields. McAdams, 1985 has argued that personal life takes form of a story, in which involve the environment, character, setting and the theme. He commented that in late adolescent and young adult, people living in modern societies start the conception of the personal past, comprehend the present, and foresee the future in a way of developing self-story that integrative narrative about their real life. Psychosocial is the life stories of the individual in which the life of the individual have a meaning. The life stories of the individual represent the cultural values, norms, race and the person spirituality.
The purpose of the author in this article is to illustrate the concepts of the life story model of identity by modern research and theory in developmental, cognitive, personality, and cultural psychology. The concentration of life story and theme in the discipline…
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