Analysis Of The Book ' Memoirs Of A Geisha '

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Memoirs of a Geisha is a beautiful work of meta-fiction; where the author implements an autobiographical approach and fabricates a fictional translator who is supposedly a friend of the protagonist in the book; Nitta Sayuri a geisha or Geiko of Kyoto, Japan. Here Golden gives an unusual frame to the storytelling through the voice of the translator Jacob and how Jacob documents Sayuri’s oral narration about the fascinating life she has had as a Kyoto Geisha. This biographical approach gives the story yet more believable and also can leave the readers confused between fantasy and reality. The story is set in a period in Japan; which is almost forgotten today. It’s a chronicle about the life of a Geisha; which in Japanese stands for person of…show more content…
Chiyo was scared as well as fascinated by the prospect of becoming a Geisha, with the wit of a 9 year old girl. There, she meets a man who was addressed as ‘the chairman’, who she immediately starts to admire and since then she becomes devoted to that man. Later on, after many ups and downs, she masters the art of becoming an astounding geisha; capable of making men fall in love with just a single look, which makes her ‘mizuage’ or virginity most expansive in Gion and finally a high paying patron buys this privilege when she was 15 years old. After a few escapades in the company of some most undesirable patrons, she finally becomes the mistress of the man she had set her heart on all along, the benevolent chairman. In her life as a geisha and before that; with her little expectation for happiness; this makes her as happy as she could be. This is the man who stayed with her till his death in Manhattan, U.S, where he helps her set up her own tea house who became a hub for the intellectuals, artists and businessman all over from Japan and also U.S till her demise. FROM THE READER’S PERSPECTIVE Beneath the layer of a romantic memoire, this book actually unveils the history of a patriarchal time period and its impact throughout the life of a little girl. The author carefully wraps the truth about why Mr Tanaka could only choose being Geisha or a prostitute as only suitable employment for Chiyo and her sister, rather than some other helper job at his company. Ultimately, a

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