Analysis Of The Book ' Men On The Sun ' By Ghassan Kanafani

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This analysis focuses on the story titled “Men In The Sun” by Ghassan Kanafani. One underlying basis of the analysis is displacement because character’s lives revolve around the problems that refugees encounter in their quest for better lives. Thus, the discussion shows how characters’ past lives influence their thoughts and actions. The identification and delineation of “pastfuture” and “nextness”, is based on specific moments in the story as they relate to different characters. Some of the moments identified in relation to Abu Qais’ character include the point where he views the Shatt as the boundary stopping him from getting to Kuwait (Kanafani 25). This moment is referenced to capture the “pastfuture” because it facilitates the analysis of Abu Qais’ thoughts and his life as they relate to the past and the future. To support this analysis, the moment in which Abu Qais refers to Ustaz Selim as he thinks about fleeing to Kuwait is also mentioned (Kanafani 24). Assad’s thoughts and feelings about the past and future are also analyzed, and the main moment of focus is Assad’s visit to the proprietor’s office in his quest to flee to Kuwait (28). This moment is used to capture Assad’s desire to leave the past which motivates him to pursue a different future. Other moments used to support the analysis include the moment when Assad says he will pay fifteen dinars but only after he gets to Kuwait and the moment when Assad says he will refund his uncle’s money on less than one
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