Analysis Of The Book ' Miss Brill ' And ' A Jury Of Her Peers '

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Personal Response to “Miss Brill” and “A Jury of Her Peers” Through direct characterization each story directly gives the reader what a character’s personality is like through the narrator. Indirect characterization is what the character’s behavior is towards themselves and towards the other characters throughout the story. A symbol in each story can tell the reader more about an object or more about the story. The main characters in two different stories can surprisingly have a connection, either through relationships or through objects which creates an everlasting perspective. Each story has the elements of direct characterization, indirect characterization, and symbolism which builds the story into an essential story through the…show more content…
Another example of direct characterization is when the narrator expresses how she felt when she was in the park watching people and listening to music “How she enjoyed it! How she loved sitting here, watching it all!” (Mansfield, p.157). This statement is a direct expression of how “Miss Brill” felt about the park because it did not state how she felt in first person or using the word I. Indirect characterization of “Miss Brill,” the character states how they feel about anything which can either be in an action or each character can express themselves separately or towards another character. The first action in the story is when “Miss Brill put up her hand and touched her fur” (Mansfield, p.155). The indirect characterization of “Miss Brill” was first in her action which was her feeling the fur. Then she communicates how the fur felt personally in her own thought and not through the narrator which directly gives the information of how she felt. “Dear little thing! It was nice to feel it again” (Mansfield, p.155). In this she explained how the fur felt emotionally in her own words. Moreover, the symbolism of “Miss Brill” would be in an object that a character takes care of or the symbol has a deep meaning about the object in the character’s words. An example of a symbol in “Miss Brill” was the fur because she genuinely cherished her fur. She had different words to reference the fur. She

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