Analysis Of The Book ' Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass '

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Since the start of America, people in minority groups have been put through pain and suffering because of America’s government’s laws and rules, and these laws and rules made the minority groups at a higher risk to cruel behavior. The American government put rules and laws in place so that white Americans can treat minority groups worse than animals. American slavery has been a cruel and an effective means for a government groups to abuse and burden a group of people by brainwashing and stimulating depending tendencies, discrimination and mistreating. This government can be damaging to people in slavery and people who own people to use them as slaves. The American population, especially in the south, practiced a belittling practice so they could continue to use the harshest laws on the minority groups. In the book called “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave”, by Frederick Douglass which is his autobiography, which shows, through personal experience, the harsh treatment and the power a slave owner had on a slave life. From an early age, Douglass is forced to go to Baltimore, an event that offers him a brief break from the unforgettable situation on a plantation. In Baltimore, he learns how to read and write and starts a journey to an emotional freedom that eventually makes a way to his productive get a way to the north. Even though there was a lot of hurting he had to go through he manages, “[the] most amazing is the indestructible total
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