Analysis Of The Book ' Neuromancer ' By William Gibson

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Neuromancer, is a novel written by William Gibson in 1984, the story follows the experiences of Henry Dorsett Case, a talented console cowboy (hacker), who’s lifestyle dramatically changed once he was caught stealing from his employer. As a punishment, he was given a Russian mycotoxin that damaged his nervous system, rendering him unable to hack into cyberspace again. Case meets Armitage, his future employer who can fix is nervous system which will allow him to return back into cyber space, but on Armitage terms. Case must carry out the missions given to him by Armitage or he will release the toxins back into his nervous system. AI’s (artificial intelligence) are introduced, which are designed with learning capabilities and have…show more content…
Case, for example, having once been a talented console cowboy, is now a useless, washed-up has-been. The cyberspace technology that Case identified with and lived for, was suddenly stripped away from him. He had become dependent on the trill of using the technology for his own advantages, unable to utilize and benefit from it any more, he is now lost, miserable and feels imprisoned in his own flesh. “For Case, who 'd lived for the bodiless exultation of cyberspace, it was the Fall. In the bars he 'd frequented as a cowboy hotshot, the elite stance involved a certain relaxed contempt for the flesh. The body was meat. Case fell into the prison of his own flesh” (Gibson, 1984, p. 3). Case would do anything to get back the access of using the technology that he has become accustomed and extremely dependent on, even if it meant giving up his own free will. Gibson foresaw this as a possibility in what could happen in the future with technology and what is actually happening now. In the real 21st century world we currently live in, technology has become more than just a tool, it has become a part of us as we rely on it literally every day. For example, the mobile phone with GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) integration, allows us to track our current location and enables us to travel to places easier than ever before, through the use GPS coordinates. This little accessory has now become a part of the norm, an assimilation of ourselves in which we are never seen

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