Analysis Of The Book ' New House '

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If I could move to another house for one day, I would, but for now, this is my new life in Poland. Moving to Poland was tough, especially having to move away from my best three friends – Hilda, Isobel and Louise. I’ve been particularly lonely at times not having the company of my busy parents nor my annoying brother Bruno, as he usually leaves the house to visit his imaginary friend. I see this as a good situation; therefore, Bruno doesn’t have to annoy me with all his explanatory questions. Below I have stuck an image of my three best friends as they gave me this photo before I left Berlin; I will never forget them by placing this memorable picture in my secret journal. This is a rare photograph of my friends and me as we hardly ever had photos taken of us, considering pictures and cameras are valuable today. Isobel was able to get her Mum to take a photo of us in front of their house just a week before I left. I am securing this in my diary as I don’t want anyone, especially Bruno, to ruin a rare photo of my friends and me in all one photo.

My new life in Poland has turned into a new whole dimension. I’ve met an attractive, smart, admirable young man who is a soldier serving my father and is only a few years older than me, considering I’m only twelve turning thirteen in a few weeks. He goes by the name of Lieutenant Kotler, but I call him Kurt. I met him in the dusty hallway upstairs that has my room and…
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