Analysis Of The Book ' Nick Fornelius '

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As a young three year old Nick Fornelius steps out onto the ice in his skates that are little too big for him, he immediately falls flat on his butt leaving an echo sounding throughout the entire rink. With a single tear rolling down his cheek he looks up at his dad who is standing beside him and says, “We’re not leaving here till I can skate!” Although the obstacles in Nick’s life on the ice have changed the emotion of that phrase still emulates from his entire being when he enters the rink. Even now in his college hockey career this childhood quote describes Nick perfectly. If you lived in Utah at any time from 2003 to 2009 and know anything about peewee hockey you would have heard the name Nick Fornelius. He was named one of the best hockey players in the state of Utah and he knew it too. When asked about that time in his life Nick responded by saying, “I lived and breathed hockey. If I wasn’t at practice or a game I was either watching hockey on T.V. or at a Grizzly game if it was hockey season. In every game I was playing my hardest and it showed. I would cream the other team by out shooting, out witting and out playing all of them. I was part of one of the best teams in Utah. My childhood dream of becoming an NHL player looked promising and almost tangible. I felt like the king of ice hockey hill and there was no way anyone was going to knock me down!” His parents and teammate s agree, His mother said. “When Nick got on that ice he changed, he wasn’t a kid anymore but

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