Analysis Of The Book ' Night And The Movie '

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The Struggles Through Time
In the book Night and the movie, Schindler’s List, the protagonists go through major changes due to their experiences of the Holocaust, a period in history no man would want to envision. Schindler’s List is created to convey a different side for the tragic time in history, an ordinary businessman. This businessman, Oskar Schindler, wants to prove that there will be hope in this desperate time. However, the motive behind Night is different. In Night, the author Elie Wiesel aims to describe his experiences in the Holocaust to avoid the past from reoccurring. Hence, Night is more effective in demonstrating Holocaust education through characterization. As the characters undergo changes in the novel, the goal of the author is attained.
In Night, the audience is introduced to a boy named Elie Wiesel, who is deeply involved in his religious studies. Wiesel allows the audience to flash back to the past and see how greatly he changes due to the Holocaust. In the beginning of the book, Wiesel says, “By day I studied the Talmud, and at night I would run to the synagogue to weep over the destruction of the temple” (Wiesel 3). This proves to the reader how involved Wiesel is with religion. At just twelve years old, Wiesel cries in a temple. When Moshe the Beadle asks Elie why he is devoted to religion, Elie thinks about it. He says to himself, “...Strange question. Why did I live? Why did I breathe?” (Wiesel 4). Wiesel remembers his values as a child before
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