Analysis Of The Book ' Night ' By Elie Wiesel

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Journal Entry 1: There are many assumptions that came to mind when I first saw the book. The images that they title brought to my mind is someplace where there is no light, no happiness.When you think of night you clearly think of physical darkness but I think night symbolizes a place without God’s presence, somewhere where there 's no hope. The emotions that this title brought to my mind is sadness. Sadness because once you are in the dark there is nothing you can do but wait. Wait on your destiny. The impression that the picture on the book gave me was very vague. I was not certain if this book would be a boring book because of the lack of designs or if this book would be a deep, interesting book by the title Night. I have never heard about the author Elie Wiesel, so i was unfamiliar with his work. The fact that this book has been assigned to me, I thought it was going to be boring but now that I seen the physical book and made some assumptions I am very eager to begin reading.

Journal Entry 2: The opening of the book starts off with Moshe the Beadle not having a surname. Not having a surname causes Moshe the Beadle to question his identity. Wisel had the same issue with questioning his own identity. In the book Wisel starts off an innocent little boy. Once he is forced to enter a concentration camp, that 's when it all changed. He began to lose his faith during his experience during the holocaust. It was like he was stripped from his innocence. He was no longer a
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