Analysis Of The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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In the book Night by Elie Wiesel it says “human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere.” This shows that the world’s problems are everyone’s problems. Everyone has their own responsibilities and when war occurs people tend to take on more responsibility than ever before. The United States is a prime example of making the world’s problems their own.
When problems arise people step up and take responsibility. Like in the quote from Elie Wiesel, human suffering really is everyone’s problem. In war and times of conflict, America has intervened because they believe that it is their problem to try and solve. This is evident through speeches in World War I, propaganda in World War II, letters during Vietnam, biographies concerning the Soviet War in Afghanistan, and speeches from the War on Terror.
Franz Ferdinand’s assassination is what many people believed sparked World War I. The United States joined World War I in 1917 as an ally (fix this eventually!!!) Woodrow Wilson outlined America’s goals for the war in his Fourteen Point Speech. In this speech Wilson mentions the United States being “privileged to assist the people of Russia to attain their utmost hope of liberty and ordered peace.” By responding this way the United States has taken on the responsibility of helping the Russian people from (Whatever they need help from). Wilson said, “We entered this war because violations of right had occurred which touched us to the quick and made the life of our own people
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