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Night Book review

I went Into Elie Wiesel 's Night having read the book in various stages in my life. It seems to follow me through my schooling years. In junior high I read it in standard English class, just like any other book I would have read that year. In high school I read it for a project I was creating on World War II, looking at it from a more historical approach. Being a firsthand account of concentration camps made it a reliable source of historical information. But during previous times when I was reading, I never thought to take a look at it from a theological point of view. Doing so this time really opened my eyes to things and themes I hadn 't noticed during previous readings.

On the surface, Night is a standard Holocaust memoir, I know I had that impression the previous times I have read it, but what makes it stand out more than other more historical telling of the Holocaust is Elie Wiesel 's discussion about his loss of faith, especially when looking at it from a theological point of view. So, while the book can be summarized as the story of a teenager who survives several concentration camps during the Holocaust, it is also about how someone can completely lose his faith. In the beginning Elie is a young man who is so religious that he voluntarily studies Judaism in his spare time, but as he witnesses horrific incidents and loses every member of his family, he abandons his belief in a loving, merciful God and with that comes out a changed person.

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