Analysis Of The Book ' Night '

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It truly is surprising how a person can change so drastically over a series of events. People can be made into monsters over the murder or death over a loved one for example. Or can be turned to a person of great faith when they were an atheist. This is what happened to Elie and was one of the main conflicts of the story, “Night”. As you can see in the book he loved going to his mosque and his love of God, however, as the story went on his faith slowly deteriorated and crumbled away even though he fought hard to keep it. This can happen to the best of people and there is no way to control it unless you are strong with your beliefs. This was the case for Elie In the beginning of the book because he was excited about his path with God and would talk with Moshe about it for hours however when things progressed they worsened.(3) Even when times were becoming worse he was always faithful and would never doubt God in the beginning. However as the story progressed it was very obvious that his faith was starting to decay and failure. “Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust.”(32) As soon as he encountered the first monstrosities of the Nazi’s brought upon him it became obvious that he was starting to forget his God. Even in his weak points he tried to reconstruct his relationship with God by constantly calling out to him and asking him for help, unfortunately there was no answer. “For the first time, I felt results…
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