Analysis Of The Book ' Of Margins ' And ' The Woods '

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Mahdi 1
Ahmed Mahdi
Professor Rebecca
Eng 004, sec 58
22 October 2014
LIFE (Live In Freedom Everyday)
According to Frazier “In Praise of Margins”, “marginal” places and activities are valuable because they help people use their imagination, allowing them to free themselves. Margins could be anything from playing basketball, hanging out with friends, spending time alone, reading books, travelling, to anything that makes a person happy. Frazier gives a flashback to the place where he spent his childhood time and participated in foolish activity on “The woods” just for sake of doing them. He used to spend a lot of time on the woods with his friends and he found his freedom by exploring the forest. In his words they (him and
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As the world is getting faster and smaller we need the marginal space to keep ourselves happy and free.

Mahdi 2
I agree with Ian Frazier statement, “as the world gets more jammed up, we need margins” because they helps a person to become more creative, imaginative, adventurous, and happy in this terminated world (Frazier 54). When we are busy working in school, workplace, or business we tend to forget who we are. We have become more of a robotic style of society from the growing socio-cultural norms of professionalism and socialism. We need “margins” to get relief from these real life objectives. Everyone needs their own “marginal” space to get out from their comfort zone. It can help them escape from the world and learn to be creative in their own life. During my childhood life, my friends and I were known as the turbulent boys because of our care-free life. Sometimes we skipped our classes and just wandered around the city; We explored the city with an imaginative eyes. Everyday we met different people with different attitudes, allowing us to be creative in our school life and also personal life. None the less, it helped us to not get bore with the life. My village home was another important marginal place for me. I visited there every summer and winter break. Me and my friend used to play together on the bank of river, we rowed on the river, jump into it,
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