Analysis Of The Book ' Oliver Twist '

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Oliver Twist Recently for a project for an English class, the students were asked to do an assignment of reading Oliver Twist. This is the first time most of the students had read the novel. Some of the students prefer to engage their learning by watching the movies of novels instead of reading the material. Surprisingly, most of the students enjoyed the late Charles Dickens. They greatly adored all of the plot twists and how they, the readers, were always on their toes until the next chapter, “I don’t quite really remember when it was easy to put down the book.” –Karina Gonzalez The author of this classic novel was the late Charles Dickens; He was born on the 7Th of February in the year of 1812 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. He was born into a family of ten members including his parents as well as a poverty-stricken class (what class means is a name to say for a rank of something.) They lived near the countryside, until 1822 when the family was forced to move the city of Camden Town, which is a poor neighborhood in London. They were forced because of financial issues and his father was sent to prison because of a great deal of debt. Since the situation with young Charles’s father, the boy had to quit school go work in a boot-blacking factory to help support his family. While he looks back at his experience, Dickens saw it as the moment he said goodbye to his youthful innocence, stating that he wondered “how [he] could be so easily cast away at such a young age.”…
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