Analysis Of The Book ' On The Devil 's Court '

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On the Devil’s Court By Carl Deuker Copyright 1988 201 pages Fiction By Seth Hughes 6th Period October 2, 2015 The book I read was On the Devil’s Court written by Carl Deuker. This story was copyrighted in 1988, has 201 pages and is a work of basketball fiction. After reading Dr. Faustus, Joe questions whether selling his soul to the devil would be such a bad thing. One evening while secretly practicing in a condemned building, Joe makes a deal with the devil to play 24 awesome games and be the star of the team. Suddenly, he finds himself changing from a terrible basketball player to a star athlete he always dreamed of being. Even though, he’s not sure he actually made a deal with the devil, he loves his new popularity and abilities. He leads his team to a 24-0 season and to the state championship games. Carl Deuker was born in San Franscisco on August 26, 1950. He was raised in Redwood City, California. He is the son of Jack Deuker and Marie Milligan Deuker. He attended the University of California, Berkeley majoring in English. He describes himself as a classic second-stringer who wasn’t very athletic. Carl is currently teaching junior high English and physical science in Northshore School District outside of Seattle. He is also, the author of Heart of a Champion, Night Hoops, Painting the Black, High Heat, Runner, and Swagger. On the Devil’s Court was a YA book of the year in South Carolina. Joe Faust is the protagonist. Joe’s favorite thing to do is
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