Analysis Of The Book ' Opens With Carruthers '

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The novel opens with Carruthers, a British Foreign Office employee, recalling the many invitations extended to him during his stay in London. Unfortunately, in his arrogance, the man turned down the majority of invitations, only to find himself with nowhere to go. This pushes Carruthers to consider the unappealing invitation of his old acquaintance Davies. Davies has invited Carruthers on a yachting journey filled with sailing and duck hunting, across the North Sea and into the Baltic, towards the Frisian Islands, right off the coast of Germany. Carruthers arrives to find a rather small vessel with no crew present. He quickly realizes that this is no relaxing vacation after all. While Davies shows him the ropes, Carruthers tries his best to help sail the Ducibella. As they travel across the sea, they encounter beautiful scenery and even other sailors. Eventually, Davies tells Carruthers about his previous journey through the Frisian Islands. He reveals that a German barge-yacht, owned by a man named Dollmann, had baited the Ducibella onto a shoal in a troublesome sea that surely would have caused the small yacht to perish, if not for a small channel and the Bartels. Davies finishes his story in a mode of inquiry; he cannot figure out the motivation behind Dollmann’s behavior. He comes to the conclusion that Dollmann must be an Englishman and a spy, due to his actions, looks, and Davies’ analyses of the channels. Davies proceeds to lay out Dollmann’s possible route and tells…

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