Analysis Of The Book ' Outremer ' By Nabil Saleh

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The thirteenth century showed a lot of tension between religious and political groups and leaders. The church in those days had more power and control over the state. One religious tension in particular was the hatred between Cathars and Catholics. While they both came from the Christian religion, the Cathars had different beliefs and a different leading system than the Catholics, and the Catholics saw the Cathars as heretics. The Cathars were overrunning the French land of Languedoc, and so a series of wars started between the French Catholics and the Languedoc Cathars. In the book, Outremer, by Nabil Saleh, we are introduced to many characters, religions, and relationships. It gives us a look at how the different religions, political leaders, and families connected with or lived beside one another. In my opinion, Outremer shows more religious tension than political tension during the thirteenth century, but still it does not show the reality and full effect of the tension. From the beginning of the book, we are shown the tension between Christians and Cathars when Aimeric’s father sends him on a mission to travel to Tyre and kill King Philip of Montfort. There is hatred between the two religions from events that happened years ago, and the Cathars still want revenge on the Christians. Although the main character, Aimeric, accepts his father’s mission, he ends up meeting people from different religions and getting along with them as if they were of his own family.

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