Analysis Of The Book ' Paradise Bay ' By John Eaton

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Nathan Nuttboard by John Eaton (2002) is a story that has a substantial amount of action and emotional content. This novel is definitely not a boring book. It has short chapters and is a good, interesting read right to the end. This book is about a young boy named Nathan That goes on a family camping trip to a place could paradise bay, while they are there they are faced with some critical situations, valuable lessons, and some harsh conditions. In paradise bay they had a sticky situation which occurred because of a couple events which kept escalating. This book was very relevant to me because I like to surf and this novel showed how quickly something could evolve which may result in a near death situation.

This novel has a character most readers are drawn to because of his age and the situation he is faced with. The main character Nathan is a good bloke because he talks in a mature way and uses his intuitive when he is faced with problems. In some parts of the book Nathan has a bit of an attitude and try’s to stir up family members using tools he has as well as experiencing scenarios for the first time but thinking he is going to be really good straight away. In this novel Nathan was the protagonist due to him being the good guy in the story. The main character in this novel does a lifesaving act which he used his initiative about for example he says “No dude. Your eye is shot. I’d better go,” and then he screamed down the beach into huge stormy waves and powered through…
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