Analysis Of The Book ' Persepolis '

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There are many things that happened in the book Persepolis. The lenses that we read this book through the most is Gender Theory. This book talks about war in Iran, revolution, gender and much more. This book is about a young girl name Marji who have to face and see many terrible things happened in her home country in Iran. A few examples of gender theory, it can be read through this book is when Marji mother have been insulted by men on the street, when the Guardians of the revolution took away Marji freedom to express herself, and when the girl who was in a Mr. Khosro house was killed and the Guardians of the revolution took away her virginity. Marji is a young girl who wants to become a prophet because she wanted to be justice, love and the wrath of god all in one. Marji stops talking to god and stop thinking about becoming prophet when her uncle Anoosh was killed saying he was a Russian spy. This has also caused Marji to lose faith in god. “Shut up, you! get our of my life!!! I never want to see you again” (Satrapi 70) This show the reader that Majri doesn’t want nothing to do with God and she just have to move on and deal with what going on in Iran. The veil people in Iran wear is very important. “For some women in the muslim world, the veil they wear is for a symbol of oppression. for others, it’s a symbols of freedom. Women are requires a veil that covers the body and the face. Under the Taliban 's strict laws, violators are punished by beating or stoning.”
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