Analysis Of The Book ' Purple Hibiscus '

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IB Language and Literature
Manasi Rungta
November 1 2017
Word Count of Rationale: 287 words
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This written task relates to Chimamanda Adichie’s, Purple Hibiscus, one of the texts we read linked to part 3 of the course: Literature- Texts and Contexts. My written task is a diary written by Kambili, the narrator of the novel. In the task, my aim is to show the conventions of a diary while incorporating Adichie’s characterization of the characters in the novel, Purple Hibiscus. The content of the diary is based off the events in the novel, and the emotions the character displays. The novel mentions the life of the narrator, and central character, Kambili Achike. The diary is
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Is he just going to compare me to his own successes in life? To get a away from this a little, I went straight to my room after school. I heard Papa’s footsteps go to Jaja’s room and knew he was home. Since Jaja came in first in class, I can only imagine Papa being so happy and hugging him. Then Papa came to my room where I gave him my report card. Unlike with Jaja, he just stood there silently and asked for the person who came in first. Papa’s love and affection equates to his expectations for us. Even though he expects nothing but perfection from us, he gives us the same amount of love. I feared that he will stop loving me because I did not do perfectly on my exam. Papa’s hug and love is the greatest reward anyone can ever get.
Tuesday February 8
First Day at Aunty Ifeoma’s
Dear Diary, Today was my first day spending time at Aunty Ifeoma’s house. This was one of the greatest changes I have seen. I love the laughter I hear in Aunty Ifeoma’s house. It is nothing like mine. My cousins do not have a strict schedule they need to follow. They can sort of do whatever they want. They can speak and sing whenever they want at the dinner table. Amaka talks back to her mother. She even wears make up and listens to music like a regular teenager. Despite these behaviors, my cousins do not even face any punishment like I do for these behaviors. I know for sure Papa would not like me living in a house like this. Papa would never tolerate this kind of behavior

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