Analysis Of The Book ' Ramona '

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Ramona, is a novel that follows a half Native American and half Scottish orphan named Ramona. The nova is mainly a love story between Ramona and a Native American man from Luiseño tribe called Alessandro. They both fall in love, get married and have kids. Throughout the novel Ramona gets exposed to several different Native American groups, such as the Luiseño Cahuilla, Diegueño, and Cupeño. The novel gives us insight at the time of each group through Jackson. Jackson portrays the Luiseño tribe throughout the novel in several different aspects: 1. Lifestyle of the members independent of the whites, 2. How they interact with the European whites, and 3. How they lose their land. Within the few pages of the novel, Jackson introduces the Luiseño tribe. Jackson highlights the lifestyle of the group to be lazy, as well as, being Christian, ignorant, and having a farming/herding system for food. She breaks down the lifestyle through three different Luiseño tribe members in the book. In the introduction we get a comparison of Alessandro and his tribe members. Jackson introduces Alessandro and wrote, “No wonder Alessandro seemed to be the more ignorant and thoughtless young men and women of his village, a cold and distant lad. He was made old before his time. He was carrying in his heart burdens which they knew nothing” (Jackson 53). She is reinforcing the point that Alessandro is different from the normal ignorant and thoughtless members of his tribe. Not too long later, she

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