Analysis Of The Book ' Ranch Girl '

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Literary Analysis Essay The life of a ranch girl is unknown to many people across America. In Maile Meloy’s Ranch Girl, a female narrator brings the reader into her hard life being raised as a ranch girl. Through many different literary devices including, tone, mood, and characterization, the writer set the reader to feel everything the narrator depicts and the reader ingested with a heavier impact than the reader anticipates. The obligation to the community for the ranch girl is to break all stereotypes, thus showing her community and all ranch girls alike that she can be successful and break free of the ranch girl life. Ranch Girl is a story told in the second person about a girl growing up on a ranch and all the trials and tribulations that she faces. In the beginning, the narrator forewarns the reader that growing up on a ranch is not an exciting life to live, nor is it the easiest life. The narrator states in the very first paragraph, “It doesn’t matter if your dad’s the foreman or the rancher — you’re still a ranch girl, and you’ve been dealt a bad hand.” The narrator goes on the bring the reader into the life of a ranch girl, from how she did in school, her first crush, the heartbreak of losing the first boy she had a crush on, and being a girl in a tiny town where nothing exciting or of substance ever happens. Towards the end of the story, the narrator finishes college, but instead of leaving her little ranch town to explore the big would she feels it is
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