Analysis Of The Book ' Real Chicago Millionaire '

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Dreiser, Theodore. Finansist. Erevan: Hayastan, 1967. Print.
Finansist is the first novel of American writer T. Dreiser. This book gives an excellent example of a self-motivated person, Frank Cowperwood, who made dizzying career in the financial sphere. The story is based on the biography of real Chicago millionaire Charles Yerkes. The author describes the process of formation of a young man from his childhood to his middle age. The main character is not only gifted but also a hard working, encouraging, highly motivated, self-confident and excited person. Everything he did was focused on goal achievement. Despite all his difficulties: lack of connections, experience and money, negative public reaction and even imprisonment, Frank Cowperwood was targeted to achieve the goal. His behavior, plans, choice of surroundings, appearance and speech were focused on creating a career in the financial world. Big business, financial scams and frauds, customs of oligarchs surrounded Frank Cowperwood. The main character proclaimed slogan of his life: “My wishes are above all”. Frank Cowperwood is an example of a self-motived and self-controled way of life.

Kark, R., and D. V. Dijk. "Motivation To Lead, Motivation To Follow: The Role Of The Self-Regulatory Focus In Leadership Processes." Academy of Management Review 32.2 (2007): 500-28. Web. 4 Nov. 2015.
In this article two main theories were used: motivation and leadership. The leadership theory has two main parts:
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