Analysis Of The Book ' Resolution Of Men For Men ' By Alex Kendrick Essay

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What defines one as becoming a man? I lead a book club that met every Friday evenings last spring term of 2016. The book was titled, “Resolution Of Men For Men”, and was written by Alex Kendrick, Randy Alcorn, and Stephen Kendrick. One week we discussed the topic of the becoming of a man; we tried to capture an event in our lives in which we defined ourselves becoming a man. Some stated how becoming a man came with driving a car on their own, or turning 18 because you can sign permission slips for yourself. There was one student who told his story of how he believed hunting his first deer, on his own, on a beautiful Sunday morning before church, was his rite of passage into manhood. I described myself not feeling like I was a man quite yet in my own eyes, but I am starting to discover the characteristics of the man I want to be. Throughout this paper, I hope to bring you along those discoveries. Growing up, my parents worked really hard to make sure that I was given all opportunities to explore interests, talents, and passions. Even though they worked many hours, they still managed to spend time with me. Often, I was babysat by cousins, but I remember distinctively remembering the joy that came when being picked up by either my mom or dad. Through Ainsworth 's categorization of attachment types (as cited in Belsky, 2013) I am privileged to say I grew up with a Secure (Type B). My parents were definitely a secure base throughout my life. This encouraged my childhood to be a

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