Analysis Of The Book ' Roaring Dragon Hotel '

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Roaring Dragon Hotel
Keerthi Thatavarthy Sullivan University MGT 510 Executive Summary:
This proposal provides the history of Roaring Dragon Hotel (RDH) and consequences faced by Hotel International Management and RDH employees to sustain in competitive business environment. It is one of the original three-star hotels in southwest China and a state owned enterprise (Grainger, 2008).
Failure to recognize cultural norms and the relationship between employees, customers, and contractors will result in dramatic failure of modernization and an effective business plan (Grainger, 2008). Introduction:
RDH is a state owned enterprise located in southwest China by Hotel International (HI), a global hotelier (Grainger, 2008). The China state government was concerned about the hotel future, and then the management control was handed over to Hotel International (HI). Hotel business should undergo necessary changes periodically to sustain in the dynamic business market environment. In this change Process for any organization human aspect i.e. employees play a vital role. It implemented change in process to adopt modern day business culture for being competitive in the market.
Roaring Dragon Hotel is a hospitality establishment that is owned by the state (Granger, 2008). The hotel was fairly successful in the planned economy era. However, the hotel
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