Analysis Of The Book ' Rommel : The Desert Fox '

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In Desmond Young 's biography, "Rommel: The Desert Fox" the author gives us a very insight in the life of Erwin Rommel. Desmond Young a desert war veteran fought in the war, in the British Army in the Africa. Young was a prisoner of war until the end on the war. Young wrote the book just only five years after the war. That’s what make this book so unique because the war was still fresh in everyone minds. He interviews Rommel wife, son and some closed friend, that gave very intimate information about Field Marshall Rommel. Young also interviews two general that served under Rommel, Much of general Bayerlein and Von Ravenstein Young had private experience of numerous events and provided insight into Rommel 's from a military life. The Desert Fox is a great book to read if someone is into reading WWII history, or simply just curious about Rommel. Most of the book is abut the battle that took place in the Afrika Korp. Because this book was written by a soldier that fought in the war, the author was able to give us the details incident that happen in the war, also give the depth insight of Rommel involvement in the plot to assassinate Hitler. He also gives us the way opponents and contemporizes viewed an interesting look at what was going on at the time and the way Erwin Rommel. One of his opponent said that about Rommel, he called him a very daring skillful opponent against us, and, may I say across the havoc of war, a great general. That’s the kind of respect general Rommel
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