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Alyssa Anderson
Book Analysis

Sam Walton: Made In American
Background of the Book The book that I read was John Huey’s and Sam Walton’s, “Sam Walton: Made in America” published in 1992. John Huey was the senior editor at Forbes magazine at the time. He is known for reporting on the business world and profiling many of the leading personalities. Sam Walton was the man who started it all for the national corporation, Wal-Mart. He was the founder and CEO. Sam’s main purpose of this book is to tell the “formula” of to how to be successful as a business owner. Sam’s career has been described in magazines as, “overnight success”, but in the book he finally explains it has been anything but that. He goes in detail about his many merchant
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The ways of thinking simple are listed in the book as: think one store at a time, communicate, keep your ear to the ground, push responsibility and authority down, force ideas to bubble up, and stay lean to fight bureaucracy. Sam’s thinking small kept all of his Wal-Marts in a good place and on track to success.
Some of my favorite ways of thinking small are think one store at a time, communicate, keep your ear to the ground, and force ideas to bubble up. By thinking one store at a time, it’s easier to sell more of certain things. Communicating in the business world is a big part of being successful. If there is not communication between stores, management, or employees, it is harder to make a profit. Sam’s “keeping your ear to the ground”, is a reference to how he would go snoop on other stores to see what they were up to. I think its funny that he is so open to talk about that. Most CEO’s would never admit to doing that throughout their entire careers. But he was right to do so; sometimes your competition can be your biggest helper in the business world. Learning about what they did wrong or what they did right, could help save your profits or even help you make more.
My last favorite way to think small is force ideas to bubble up. Sam was always open to everyone’s feedback and ideas to make their jobs and the company more efficient, as well as save money at the same time. I think that is great, who else knows how to make the job more
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