Analysis Of The Book ' Scoops '

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This odd creature approaches, scoops Becky up with one-hand, and holds her up so he can look at her better. His hand wraps easily around her. He brings her closer to his face and sticks his tongue out to lap up her juices. It is so large it covers her entire pussy. Her clit throbs with need and she clinches in spasms of need.
Dawng brings her back to investigate her more. He pushes at her entrance with a finger. Becky moans with anticipation. The finger enters her and he twists it around inside of her. He shoves roughly deep into her. He callously shoves a second finger into her. She screams in pain, but still she bucks up against his hand trying to get more. Strongly orgasming, she soon coats his fingers with her juices.
Dawng pulls his fingers out of her quickly and forces one into her anus. He works on her, thrusting with his finger vigorously. The pain is intense but she cannot help her body’s responses. She arches up to give better access to her anus. Holding her tight, he picks up speed. He rapidly shoves his finger repeatedly into her. She feels her asshole stretching; it has to be tearing, when he forces a second finger alongside the first one. It is too much for her, the intense pain only succeeds in arousing her more. Her screams of pain go unheeded as Dawng fiercely shoves and twists his fingers in her ass. The monster flips Becky over on her stomach. The fingers seem to work even more powerfully. Becky screeches as she orgasms again. Her
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