Analysis Of The Book ' Scott '

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Her body is stiff as she stares at her brother, running down towards the hallway aiming for her as his eyes glow red. "Scott!" She screams, trying to snap him out. She continues to scream as he runs towards her. His claws extends as his body grew taller and monstrous. His feet pounding against the school 's hallway echoes throughout the building. She pulls out a bow and arrow, aiming it at her brother. She takes a deep breath in, but before she knows it, her body is being shredded by claws with her blood oozing onto the floor. "Scott!" Scott jerks his body, his eyes glance around to realize that he is not laying in his comfortable bed, with his legs tangled with the cotton sheets. He glances at the wall to see that he is holding his…show more content…
"Sorry," Scott mumbles, helping his sister of the floor. She walks into Scott 's bathroom in a fluster. After several seconds of her staring at herself in the mirror she lets out a low growl. "Nothing like my brother leaving bruises on my neck. What am I supposed to tell people at school? Oh someone tried to strangle me with a wire or how about my brother is a werewolf and I just tried waking him up, but instead you tried suffocating me. Which one sounds better?" Mae sasses at her older brother. Mae never had a filter since the day she learned how to speak. From picking up sailor language and being poor at keeping secrets, a filter was never consider. The only person that finds that hilarious is Stiles. Scott stares at her neck to see his hand prints red and swollen around her neck. He knows for sure they 'll turn into bruises and Mom would be curious, especially their Dad since he is also back into the house. "Can 't you just put makeup on it?" He questions. "Can you stop yourself on a full moon?" She mocks him, rolling her eyes. As Mae opens up the door to leave her brother, she runs into Isaac. Isaac gives her a puzzled look and points to her neck. "Since when did Mae have a boyfriend and I never knew a small girl could be into that stuff." Isaac questions. Mae 's heartbeat rises at the question and she clears her throat. "Since when were you dating Allison?" Mae changes the conversation and directs it at Isaac, crossing her
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