Analysis Of The Book ' Secret Life Of Bees '

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In this world, there will always be that one phase in life when a human face what the major of our society called as growing up. During that phase, the human will have to face a lot of element. Sue Monk Kidd’s “Secret Life of Bees” narrates a story of a girl named Lily who develops herself through others during her journey to find the truth about her mother.

Lily’s isolation time in T-Ray’s house and the death of her mother causes her to yearn for a motherly figure. The fact that T-Ray meanness overwhelms his fatherly figure and the fact that Lily killed Deborah causes Lily to look for someone or something that can provide her the same affection as a motherly figure. Thus, every time T-Ray becomes mean to Lily, Lily uses her mother’s items as a replacement for a motherly figure. She says, “I felt the wooden picture of black Mary underneath my waistband. I felt the waxed paper with my mother’s picture inside and her gloves stuck to my belly, and it seemed all of a sudden like my mother was there, up against my body, like she was bits and pieces of insulation molded against my skin, helping me absorb all his meanness” (24). Lily’s action to use Deborah’s items as a fictional motherly figure shows that she still feels the guilt over what she did to Deborah. Consequently, Lily is chained to her past. Rosaleen, who has no blood relation to Lily, shows that everyone can be a mother figure for Lily. In the beginning, when T-Ray shows his meanness to Lily by kneeling her,
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