Analysis Of The Book ' Seven Years Old '

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Seven years old. Seven years old was how old the little girl was when she saw the cruelty of the world. At seven years old she was judged, discriminated ,and hated for reasons beyond her mind. Judged for not covering her head, discriminated for wearing a necklace and hated for believing in the opposite of what they believed in. The little girl had rocks thrown at her for it and threats told to her because of it.This isn’t about the holocaust, it’s about today. This isn’t about a jew, it’s about a Christian. This little girl isn’t fictional, It’s me.
We were walking to St.George’s church on saturday morning like we did every saturday for my rehearsal. The breeze was crisp and the air fresh, signaling the start of the harsh Egyptian winter and the end to the lethal summer heat. I loved walking with my mom in the mornings, she would hold my hand and tell me her hilarious tales of when she was little and still having to hold her mom’s hand. My cheeks would turn so red from laughing and giggling so hard, I would need to stop walking to catch my breath. That day was different though, that day she got interrupted and I never got a chance to giggle or laugh. Nothing unusual was going on that day, the streets looked just the same, the people looked just the same, Assiut, Egypt itself looked the same. There were a couple of the usual people selling food on the sidewalks, two women talking to each other from their balconies, and a man riding his bicycle with the empty baskets that…
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