Analysis Of The Book ' Seven Years Old '

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Seven years old. Seven years old was how old the little girl was when she saw the cruelty of the world. At seven years old she was judged, discriminated ,and hated for reasons beyond her mind. Judged for not covering her head, discriminated for wearing a necklace and hated for believing in the opposite of what they believed in. The little girl had rocks thrown at her for it and threats told to her because of it.This isn’t about the holocaust, it’s about today. This isn’t about a jew, it’s about a Christian. This little girl isn’t fictional, It’s me.
We were walking to St.George’s church on saturday morning like we did every saturday for my rehearsal. The breeze was crisp and the air fresh, signaling the start of the harsh Egyptian winter
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We turned the corner to take a little shortcut to go to the church instead of taking the main street.The road was very bumpy due to the enormous amount of rocks. I turned around and saw the man on the bike from before, “Wow what a coincidence that he takes this shortcut too?” I thought. Assuit wasn’t very big, there were a couple major streets but mostly little shortcuts like the one me, my mom and the man on the bike took. So it was so common to be going in the same direction. But that time it wasn’t a coincidence, it was planned and all because our heads weren’t covered. But yet again, what did I know? I was only seven years old.
My mom noticed the man on the bike a little while after I did, but her reaction was different from mine. She seemed anxious and a little hesitant, I don’t think she thought it was coincidence. That’s weird, why is she acting like that? My mom slowly stopped telling her story and moved me to her other side, the side away from the man on the bike. That’s when I started getting an uneasy feeling, something was going on but I kept on walking anyways. My gut feeling was right because before I knew it, the innocent man on the bike threw a rock at me. I turned around to look at him and suddenly, the ordinary man on the bike was gone and to take his place was a dark soul, a black heart full of hatred and disgust. I felt his horrid reflection burning through my eyes. My mom told me to not get scared- it didn’t
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