Analysis Of The Book ' Sister Carrie '

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1. Title: Sister Carrie
2. Author’s Name: Theodore Dreiser
3. Date of publication: first came out in 1900 then released 1907
4. Genre: fiction/romance
5. Characteristics of the genre the work does/doesn’t meet: The book is not true so is considered fiction, also Carrie falls in love with the Charles so it is romance.
6. Setting: Time + Place + Atmosphere (mood or tone): The setting is in the nineteenth- century Chicago and New York City. The atmosphere is Gloomy and Reflective.
7. Major characters (physical and personality)
• Carrie Meeber – protagonist, not particularly courageous, honest, intelligent, or unselfish. Naïve and pretty
• Charles Drouet - charming, flashy salesman with a strong appetite for romance, is warm-hearted.
• George Hurstwood - mature and attractive, manager of Fitzgerald and Moy 's, wealthy, important man. He marries Carrie. Slowly descends into apathy and poverty, becomes a homeless beggar and eventually commits suicide.
• Minnie Hanson- Carrie 's sister, housewife but dedicated to hard work and long days.

8. Summary of the plot: Caroline Meeber 18 years old, takes a train to Chicago, where her sister Minnie agrees to let her move in. On the train, Carrie meets Charles Drouet, a traveling salesman and they decided to meet up the next week. Carrie soon looks for work to pay rent to her sister and she finds a job at a shoe factory. One day, after she got sick she lost her job, she meets Drouet on a street. He persuades her to leave
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