Analysis Of The Book Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

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Dear Emilee, By the time you are reading this you will be a senior in high school. This summer I read Sleeping Freshman Never Lie. From reading this novel, I’ve learned a lot of lessons to consider for my upcoming years at Pompano Beach High School. I’ve established two goals that I hope you will have accomplished by the time you are reading this. My first goal has to do with my academics. I hope to graduate with a 4.0 grade point average. To accomplish this goal, I will need the help of my teachers, guidance counselors, parents, and friends. It requires studying hard, and a lot of times, putting school before other things. Sometimes I will have to make sacrifices in order to reach my goal. I might really want to go out for pizza with my friends, but I know I have a huge test the next day. Sacrifices like these will pay off in the end. In Sleeping Freshman Never Lie, Scott learns that a lot of hard work is essential in order to succeed in high school. He stays up late every night doing his homework. There will be a lot more work than there was in middle school. It’s important to keep track of your assignments and not procrastinate. It is necessary for me to do well on my midterm, finals, and exams. I have 4 years to learn from my mistakes and familiarize myself with the school. Each year of my time here at Pompano Beach High School, I will continue to give my best effort and try my hardest. Obtaining a 4.0 GPA require superior study skills, which I learned in middle
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