Analysis Of The Book ' Snow Falling On Ceadars ' By David Guterson

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Everyone in life has secrets. Secrets are usually kept within a person because they feel they can’t share that information to the world for a reason. Secrets can be in the form of guilt, shame, confusion, or uncertainty. In the book, Snow Falling on Ceadars, by David Guterson, one main character Hatsue possesses a secret. Her secret is a combination of all the types of secrets, many factors play a role in formulating her secret. Hastue doesn 't know what shoes to wear. This secret relates to Hatsue because she is a Japanese girl who is living during a time of discrimination, she is having issues recognizing where she belongs in terms of society. She is struggling with finding her own identity that she is truly happy with. She struggles with the internal conflict of belonging. She can’t find a happy medium. Her mother and everyone she loves is against her views and wishes. The people she wants to be view her as the “enemy” only based on her race. She not only is struggling with identity, she struggling to understand the concepts of true love. “She thought she understood what she long sought to understand” By this quote she means that she always wanted to understand what the true meaning of love is, but she thought you understood it, but she comes to realize that she doesn 't know if she really knows what it means to be truly in love. Loving a white boy who she originally felt pure love for becomes increasingly difficult through years because loving Ishmael brought about…
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