Analysis Of The Book ' Snow White Sorrow '

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Have you ever thought about the monsters, the monsters that live inside us, the monsters that no one can see? What would happen if those monsters became real? What if they weren 't just inside us, but shown on the outside? I mean after all, “All monsters must die except the beautiful ones,” as Cameron Jace states in his book, Snow White Sorrow. This day, we tell the story of a world where the monsters were on the outside of us, a story that could have changed the course of humanity as we know it.

1 I always thought of being a monster as a bad thing. I mean, after all, everyone is normal. Normal, is all I ever wanted, normal, none of this monster, none of this crazy wacky stuff wrong with me, just normal. Normal is all I ever wanted. I
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Wearing a plain black jacket, with a melting Rubix cube shirt, his little ears pricked when he moved his dirt brown hair out of the way just so he could see Alicson spinning, and watch her fall down.

3 “Monster!!” I heard something behind me. I turned around and watched the half animal, people teasing Alicson, as she fell to the floor playing with her dress, tuning out the people who were teasing her. I mean, after all, she is the last one of her kind. We learned about her kind in history, how much they did for our world, but how much havoc and pain they brought upon each other. I could say the same about our kind. She was guarded by our town’s museum of history, until earlier this year when they realized that they can 't cage her in like an animal or keep her calm and steady like she always seemed. I remember watching the first day they tried to help her get out. She stabbed two of the guards, and one ran out calling to get help containing her. Her parents were both like us, but she was stillborn. A lot of people refer to her as the last monster on this planet.

4 Every morning this would happen: I would walk to my front yard to observe the normal people out there, and spin around, and around, watching their reactions. Every morning the same thing, different kids, but all of them laughing, laughing at me,, but one kid would just walk by smiling, not saying a word, the same kid every morning. He never changed. I
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