Analysis Of The Book ' Solitude Of Raven '

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Solitude of Raven The nature has gifted human being with tremendous qualities of life where one side is full of happiness and the other part is the sorrowness and life is just the name to experience the both parts. The joyful moments we want to share and try to hide the bitter part. The photographer who made the analyses of life on these parts would like to explain more in detail in his book that divides his experience based on the reality and real life meaning called the book”solitude of raven”. The book “solitude of raven” throws a light of happiness and sadness the photographer had gone through in his sole life comes to the world when it gained the popularity as it was real life based experience and world appreciate the work he showed in his photography.. we will elaborate more in detail as we indulge ourselves in his book to explore more and more good and bad time he shared with his reader through stunning images he published in his book When people come in world got no worries but as life progresses the life zigzag moments teaches the good and bad experiences. As the past proverb ”unity is strength” when we are together in a family bond but when we cut off from a family and start living by ourself whole life cycle is disturbed and we are covered up with the solitude of soleness giving room for negative sources surrounded us 24/7. The story does relates the real life experiences and “lonely is not been alone it is the feeling no one cares”. This story starts
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