Analysis Of The Book ' Stanford Prison Experiment '

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I just sat there thinking about what to tell the news reporter since he had traveled all the way from Colorado to interview from the paper. He wasn’t the only reporter to come see me, and I’m not the only one he could ask these questions. I wasn’t the only one in the Stanford Prison Experiment. "Mr. Stanley, did you?" the reporter inquired. I think he noticed me spacing out. I had to ask him to repeat the question. "Did you have any friends in the experiment with you or did you walk out with several new friends and/or allies?" He questioned again and I could tell this was an interesting question to him that he wanted commentary on the minor subject as opposed to the bigger picture of living in the worst condition of my life that no man should have to go through. “Well I had one good friend who got me to join with him,” I responded, but he wanted me to elaborate on that. “My friend Daniel Bentley came up to me with a newspaper saying there was an ad in a newspaper he wanted me to check out. So I took the paper and looked at all the ads until he noticed I was lost and pointed to the ad that was looking for college students to be a part of an experiment. The pay was good, $15 a day (McLeod, 2008). So I agreed to join with him and a couple weeks later the local police showed up in front of my house and arrested me. They came up with a legit excuse and they had real evidence. It had to look as real as possible since no one else knew it was an experiment. I was taken to the
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