Analysis Of The Book ' Stuffy Stimulator '

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Stuffy Stimulator
Buddy flew around the room, figuring out about his new powers he now had, trying to control them. The master came and told him, “Control your powers young bear, for they will become more obvious when you go to complete your quest. Come, and we will talk more about the adventure and your powers I enchanted you with. The person you must choose,you will know when you see her, you will just know she is the one.
Teresa Smith was now only 21. She dropped out of school, wanting to find her lost dad. It was when she was nothing more than a fresh 9 year old. She was playing outside when her parents went inside to have more fun with their friends. Her parents fought a lot, but Teresa never thought about this until her dad ran away. Her dad was mean and cruel, but her mom saw something in him no one else saw. One day, her dad said he was going to the grocery store. But that trip to the store he never came back from. No one knows what happened, but most people think he died. Teresa can 't admit to herself that happened and believed her dad just wanted to get away from her. She is hungry for revenge and will do anything to get it.
As those thoughts faded away from her mind, she went to the toy store, looking for kids whose lives could be just like hers, tragic and parentless. While walking in the store, something caught her eye. It was a regular teddy bear but, as she was staring it down, she thought its eye twitched. She had this incredible urge to buy it. She told…
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