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Summer Reading Assignment Introduction Summary: This book was created alongside History Channel 's documentary series of the same topic. Even though they contain the same material, it is presented differently in both sources. While the documentary tends to focus on each day by itself, the book draws themes to tie together ten days in American history that changed the future of the nation. This book tries to bring to light the days in American history that are undervalued, in exchange for the large and well known events like the signing of the declaration and Pearl Harbor. Large themes of the book try to pry at what sets American ideals apart from the rest of the world. Americans idealize individual freedoms as well as equality, which completely contradict one another and are the source of many conflicts and tensions. For example, Thomas Jefferson coined the words "all men are created equal", yet he owned slaves. It 's the division of personal freedom and the infringement of other 's freedoms that makes American ideals what they are, and set many chain of events into American history. Chapter 1 Summary: When the English Pilgrims settled in America, they were sent with their ideals firmly planted into their minds already. They would spread the glory of God, and would destroy the heathen Native Americans. Attempts at cooperation were made, but in vain as tensions continued to rise. The boiling point appeared to be the murder of the two Captains Stone and Underhill. Their
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