Analysis Of The Book ' Teacher Man '

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“The way real life happens is never the way you would have imagined it to be”(McCourt). In the book “Teacher Man”, McCourt reflects on his life, the hardships that foreshadowed his struggles with insecurity, and the disbelief of his own success. McCourt’s first day of teaching was rather unusual. He was anxious and completely unprepared. The thought of being an invisible man at the front of the room causes him to forget his opening statements. Suddenly a student throws a sandwich at him. McCourt takes it, and while the class expects a punishment, he eats it instead (McCourt, 16). Like McCourt’s first day teaching at a public high school, my first day helping out at the Albion After School Program was a lot to handle. It was my first time helping out students younger than 15 years of age. These kids were restless and at a point in their lives were cognitive development is crucial. Coming from a completely different background made me feel out of place the first day, however as the day went by I grew comfortable and the kids seemed to enjoy my presence. I was able to teach some kids cool ways that I learned how to solve certain scenarios/problems. The question of what to teach and how to teach it arises when McCourt sees that writing paragraphs has minute relevance to the lives of teenagers at a technical high school. During this time he meets parents that have grown up in “traditional households” which have shaped their “traditional opinions” about what should be taught in
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