Analysis Of The Book ' The 27 Club '

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The 27 club. An infamous club that has taken away artists in the preimage of 27, whose members include: Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. But this club is known for its musicians and not its poets. One of these poets is James Douglas “Jim” Morrison, lead singer and songwriter for the rock band, The Doors. Morrison’s poet life was hidden behind the facade of being the king of an explosive form of rock. For fans who looked hard enough, Morrison truly was only the poet who he strived to be, when writing his music. In between the arrests, women and substance abuse, Morrison’s poetry expressed his true feelings of loneliness and isolation. Morrison’s life experiences and poetry impacted his music greatly in the fact…show more content…
This is shown explicitly in Morrison’s poem Dawn’s Highway: “Indians scattered on dawn’s highway bleeding, ghosts crowd the young child’s eggshell mind... a truckload of Indian workers had either hit another car, or just- i don’t know what had happened- But there were Indians scattered all over the highway, bleeding to death (The Doors: The Complete Lyrics,186).” Poetry also became a huge part of The Doors because of Morrison’s always wishing to be a poet, instead of musician. The name of the band came from a mix of Morrison’s own quote and a quote of William Blake. Both quotes speak of how life has many doors and that most are closed until the beginning of life or at the end of life (The Unforgettable Fire). During his life no one could distinguish Morrison from his musical persona or the poetic one, because of the inclusion of themes such as sadness, death and isolation. Throughout Morrison’s career, poetry proved to be his escape to a new world that only he knew, to which his music shows when he speaks of his central themes(Wild Child). Nearly fifty years after Morrison’s death, The Doors are still wildly popular among younger rock audiences, much like Pink Floyd and Nirvana. After the day Manzarek asked Morrison to form the Doors not much happened until they started performing on the sunset strip club, Whiskey a Go Go and others started to hear Morrison’s haunting lyrics of abandonment and the end of life(The
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