Analysis Of The Book ' The 3 Questions For A Frantic Family ' By Patrick Lencioni

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Abstract The principles and strategies used to run an organization can be used to run your most important organization, your family. If we used these methods we could create many more memorable moments in our family lives. In the analysis going forward I will outline how to achieve this based on a book by author Patrick Lencioni. It will show the correlation with his thinking to the methods used by today’s leaders.
This paper is to analyze the similarities identified in the book “The 3 Questions for a Frantic Family” to Andrew Dubrin’s book “Leadership, Research Findings, Practice and Skills”. You will notice the same types of leadership can be used at a global corporation and within the day to day family life. With the growing responsibilities of raising a family and trying to manage to hectic schedules, doctor appointments and athletic obligations it is becoming more noticeable that leadership techniques and theories used in corporate America can be a beneficial approach to running the most important organization in our lives, our family. The book by Patrick Lencioni gives similarities and examples of ways we can use a family vision, core values and objectives to have a less stressful and more focused family life.

The situation that started the conversation within the Cousins family was that Theresa and her husband, Jude have a chaotic household and schedules. Jude comes home from work one day yet again

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