Analysis Of The Book ' The Bible '

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One of my favorite stories in the bible is about Paul and Silas and how they were able to overcome. They had a mind to be triumphant. In a dark, dismal, and hopeless situation, Paul and Silas began to sing. I’m sure that they weren’t singing any of the classic or mainstream R&B, Country or Pop songs. Don’t get me wrong, those songs are nice. But when you are going through, you need to sing something that is going to strengthen your faith. You need to pull out that good ol Thomas Dorsey, “Like a ship that’s tossed and driven, battered by an angry sea; when the storms of life are raging, and their fury falls on me. I wonder what I have done, that makes this race so hard to run; then I say to my soul, take courage, the Lord will make a way somehow!” In other words, though I’ve been beaten, hurt and taken advantage of, I know that the Lord will make a way somehow. Though the pain in my body becomes unbearable, I know that He will make a way somehow. Like a ship, I’ve been tossed and driven, battered by the angry sea of life, yet, I will encourage my soul for the Lord will make a way somehow. Every now and then, you’ve got to learn to encourage yourself. You’ve got to learn to speak over your life abundance, blessings, and favor. As long as the Lord allows you and I to live, we will be confronted with drama, confusion, trials and misfortune. And the only way to deal with the mess is to realize that you are blessed and not to stress. Paul and Silas were victimized,
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