Analysis Of The Book ' The Billionaire Idea Thief '

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Edric Zhango who goes by nickname Yoshi, isn?t your ordinary billionaire. He made his fortune from stealing other people?s ideas and calling them his own. And he thinks he?s hot shit for it. And so do all the girls he likes to play around with.

But will he get caught? Can Will Skye catch on to his scheme and expose him for who he really? is? (include menage)


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Mimi Haverton is a tech entrepreneur with an Ice Queen reputation in Silicon Valley, a reputation she had to develop to survive the boys club of working in tech.

Mimi has a bold new idea for an app and only one thing standing in her way - lack of funding.

Pushed to the brink she is forced to set aside her misgivings and dare to tangle with the venture capitalist billionaire Idea Thief himself, one Elk Mustereon.

Lured into Elk 's lair Mimi struggles to hold onto to her iciness in the face of a man who brings out the fire within, not to mention her company.

Will Mimi survive and bring down the Idea Thief at his own game? And why does ethical tech investor Hunter Carter Astoria IV spend time with the likes of Elk Mustereon? Could it be there is more to Elk than the media stories - and could Hunter want more than just a company??


"I will never go to Elk Mustereon for funding," Mimi declared to her team as they discussed her upcoming round of pitching for more funding.

The Russian born billionaire was famous for getting rich…
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