Analysis Of The Book ' The Black Curtained Hearse '

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The black curtained hearse, drawn by two black horses, rolled slowly through the streets of Charleston. Following behind, were Eli, Allie, Mary O’Toole, Willie, Gabriel, and half of Charleston’s, ‘old guard’ as they made their way to the cemetery for her burial. Clara Christopher Harris would be laid to rest beside her husband of over fifty years, whose grave was located at the feet of her parents, Elijah and Patience Christopher. Allie could not contain the emotions she felt- Sadness, because her grandmother was gone; anger, because she was gone, shame, because she had not gone to visit her before she died; she also felt a sense of self-loathing; for what reason, she could not decipher. Eli’s sudden gigging in her ribs with his elbow caused her to want to slap him when she looked at him to see what he was gigging her for and saw the mischievous grin on his face.
Leaning toward her he whispered, “I have something to show you when we get back to Grandmother’s house.”
“And why couldn’t you wait to tell me this after Grandmother’s funeral,” she whispered back.
“Because, Allie Mae, it’s about what was written in the margins of Grandmother’s Bible. Those Latin words; remember?” When Allie nodded her head, Eli whispered, “Last night, I went to see someone and got them to translate them to English!”
She could tell that Eli was excited for her to know what they were, but at that moment, they did not interest her in the slightest… She already felt guilty for helping Eli sneak a…
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