Analysis Of The Book ' The Bluest Eye '

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In the book, “The Bluest Eye” the main character is Pecola. Pecola is a young African American who wishes she was a blonde hair, blue eyed white girl. Pecola feels like many of us have at some point, where nothing really matters, nobody likes me or i am not good enough for a certain group of people. Her family barely has any confidence, which makes them have learned to accept their ugliness. Her parents do not even see the good in themselves. Due to this, Pecola rarely gets love from her family or the people around her because they have been so damaged and hurt. She is also constantly reminded of her ugliness. This family goes through many trials and tribulations. You should always have some confidence even when you are feeling low.
Tony Morrison, got the idea for “The Bluest Eye” from a classmate she went to elementary school with. The girl in her class wished that she had blue eyes. When Tony Morrison saw that she was in disbelieve. Since she was wishing for the blue eyes she was also wishing to have another identity. The girl in her class did not want to be black, she thought it would be better if she had white skin and blue eye, life would somehow be better.
In the book, “The Bluest Eye” there is a certain appearance that is given. The appearance is that white is true beauty. This affects every African American in this book in several different ways. For example, Pecola does not feel like she is good enough for anything and just out wants to be white, or her mom
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