Analysis Of The Book ' The Bluest Eye '

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Three small details/moment that that I found strange or puzzling in this text are: 1.) Claudia is presented with two different mental capacities. Claudia is shown to have a very complex mind, understanding the world around her. However, Claudia is also shown having the mind of a naïve nine-year-old. Why does Claudia have this double personality in this story? 2.) Throughout Morrison’s story, there seems to be no white allies. A vivid black versus white picture is painted in The Bluest Eye. Overcoming societal standards begins with society as a whole. Why is there no collaboration to combat injustices that black females go through? 3.) Claudia says she begins being upset about her racial characteristics, realizing her beauty is not loved by the world. Claudia then turns angry because of her rejection. This anger turns into a violence that makes her have an urge to pass it on to real white girls. Claudia, however, comes into a realization that her violence is wrong and that the best way to deal with her anger and violence is love. But, Claudia says her love was fraudulent, and her sadness was pristine. Has Claudia overcome societal standards, or has she succumb to them? Scholarly Article #1 Bibliographic Information (Use MLA citation style): TONI MORRISON 'S "THE BLUEST EYE": SHIRLEY TEMPLE AND CHOLLY Marco Portales Three Keyterms in Article: Glazed separateness Society Family support The Gaipa Move or Scholarly Motive the Article Articulates: Portales piggy backs on

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